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A graveyard

The cemetery was quiet this time of night. Jessie looked up at the cloudy sky; a moondog was suspended overhead, threatening rain, the misty ring of haze surrounding the moon as though to swallow it. She smiled. A perfect time for a casting.

Carefully she juiced five of the old tombstones with Primal magic.

They pulsed, then flickered into life, igniting. Power coursed in a line along the black soil. From the first to the second, to the third, fourth, fifth; a blaze of ancient fire that tied the chosen gravestones together into a pentagram of smoking energy. The dead in the affected graves moaned. Stirring, they were dragged from their slumber to float above their mortal remains, their power harnessed to fuel Jessie's summons.

Satisfied, the young witch stood in the heart of the pentagram and began chanting the summons. She swayed with the rhythm of the old spell; The ground shuddered as power spiraled down to reach the sleeping demon, awakening him. Old Hattie's ghost, long since mad, began gibbering in fear as the primal force of the summons invoked the demon, but Jessie's concentration did not waver. She sang the blasphemous song, and the demon answered her call.

The earth split with a thunderous explosion and bits of dirt showered down on the teenager. Tombstones shook as the creature emerged, clawing its way out of the tortured soil. Old Hattie wailed, her shrieking voice almost lost in the rumbling of the night sky as the blood-covered moon shed its light on Amalgaroth, the Scaled one, Keeper of the Book of Thoth, Spinesnapper, the Putrescent, He of the Razor Claws. The large reptilian head gazed around. His yellow eyes narrowed into slits of hatred, he growled "Who calls the Demon of the Pit?"

"Neat! It worked!" Jessie crowed triumphantly, "O.K.,that's all. You can go now."

Dismissed, the creature screamed in rage and dissolved back into the dead earth, shattering tombstones and scarring the ground with his venom. The fire died and the ghosts faded out, leaving Jessie to gloat in the darkened cemetary. A cold finger tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around, to see Nick and Rita, the graveyard's starcrossed lovers, glowering at her. They were half naked and not happy. "DO you Mind?!" snapped Rita.

"Yeh, what the hell were you thinking, witch!" Nick zipped his ghostly chinos, complaining "I was about to score."

"Well, I'm sorry!" Was Jessie's sarcastic comment, "I only summoned up a major demon, that's all. It worked, too!" She added smugly, preening.

"Can we go now?" they asked.

"O.K., O.K., you can go. You don't have to get all bitchy about it!"

"Witches!" Rita scoffed, and faded. Nick followed her quickly,"Hay, baby, wait up."

copyrighted,2001,by susie76306

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