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KOLISKO-no mention of

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Gregori K.

hmm..why no mention of modern-day experiments of Alchemy. I refer of course to Miss Kolisko and Nick Kollerstrom, author of 'Metals and the Planets'.

Nick has replicated these experiments, albeit not in the most ideal conditions for useful research i.e. a Garden Shed! - but hey! thats how Madame Curie started with the discovery of Radium.

I recently posted a message on the BBCi science website entitled 'alchemy -the science of the future', it was provocative but despite being mugged by several retired and eminent scientists, there wasn't anything I couldn't answer and they seemed flummoxed by the simplicity of alchemical symbolism, which in essence is simple common sense.

An interesting article. Keep up the good work.

KOLISKO-no mention of

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There are no mentions of colloidal silver or homeopathy either, and both could be seen as modern day extensions of Alchemy. The use of metals to change the nature of the elements in the bodies, and the idea of chemicals imprinting of water, both have a respect for elements that goes beyond modern understanding of them.

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