A Conversation for Kebabs

Best kebabs

Post 21

Jink Bo

Are you an idiot?????

Try learning to spell!

Its PITTA and HUMBLE- you fool

Best kebabs

Post 22

Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den


Excuse me......GIT!!

I'll be more karefull next time!!......

Best kebabs

Post 23


My good friend Bipin would never forgive me if I didn't give a mention to Abduls in Manchester and thank them for providing him with his 'fix'. While I cannot claim to be the worlds leading expert on the subject, I can at least claim to be a convert (previously a pie and chips man or if I could afford it PIZZA). Abduls has a small chain of shops but the best are to be found in Rusholme and Fallowfield. Unlike some entries to this forum these shops are still current, at least to the best of my knowledge, you see I have moved on to pastures new and yes I miss 'em.

Best kebabs

Post 24

Mr. Fish

Best Kebab by far is to be found in the Nottingham Trent food bar, kinda behind Rock City.
Fairly cheap and huge portions, may I recomend to you people chilli sauce and mayo - a fine combination.
visit Rock City first by the way -'tis fine.

where stavros went...

Post 25


to a kebab van in Salter Road, Rotherhithe, London SE16 I think....even the foxes think twice about the leftovers

Best kebabs

Post 26

Furious Anger

Noooo! Say it ain't so! Alas poor Achmed - I sincerely hope he is sunning himself somewhere. Although those struggling with Arabic translations may miss his passing more than most. Well, if Achmed's of Oxford is gone, I can recommend Mehdi's (which is on the High Street at the bottom of Turl Street - or at least it was). I'm also slightly alarmed that I've eaten many happy kebabs at Gardenias in Cambridge and the kebab shop outside Winchester Station. Whatever horrible fate befell it, it is now up and serving, complete with dodgy-looking environmental health certificates and a cool revolving picture which looks like moving water (well, a bit).

Best kebabs

Post 27

Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

Furious Anger, Pulp Fiction right?

See, I'm quick me!! smiley - winkeye

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