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I really miss this show. I know some episodes can be seen on the Satellite channel 'Challenge'. Unfortunatly I don't have Satellite.

I bought the only video available, and it says it contains the best bits. But shows one adult & one kids show (which I have on some old videos I recored when it aired those many years ago)

I think it should be reinvented, not exactly the same, but in it's day It was very popular. I grew up watching it and wishing I could apply. Unfortunatly I never did.

Although when Richard left, I felt the show had lost some of its spark.

Crystal Maze

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I too enjoyed the crystal maze. Richard o'Brien was the best presenter by far. I liked his humour especially his funny scene each week that involved his mother (mumsy) and ,I think, his stepfather Ralph. Who he always seemed to stumble across in the medieval zone usually while they were supposidly up to something!
I loved the set too my favorite zone was the medieval zone with great effects with the howling wind cobwebs and echoing sounds. Other zones I liked were the aztec and oceanic zones. Did not like the Industrial zone very much and was glad when they replaced it with the oceanic zone.
I found myself wanting the contestants to get locked in. I found it quite satisfying when some smart alec who shouted at fellow contestants how to do their games but when it was their turn just ended up getting themselves locked in . Richard was very good with his sarcastic jibes at those type of contestants.
I really enjoyed this show but as you said the show was not the same after Richard left. I do still watch the repeats on sky they dont make em like that anymore, mores the shame.

Crystal Maze

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I really enjoyed watching Crystal Maze and I use to find it really funny when somebody would fall in the water or get locked in! My favourite zone was Aztec probably because its the only one set outside and there was lots of sand! Lol!


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