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Bob The Frog

It's been a while since I learnt the cascade and other assorted tricks, bought the books, the videos, that kind of thing, together with the extra 9 balls which I just KNEW I would be able to keep in the air one day. Of course I didn't; I lost interest, and consigned the extras to the garage ready to be introduced to my offspring as they grew. *A WARNING*....."Thuds" (the kind of balls that deform & don't run away when you drop them) are filled with seeds. Very tasty seeds I would now guess. If anyone wants some thoroughly nibbled, completely empty "thud" cases, or alternatively, some very fat mice, just let me know.

Juggling Thuds

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Dandelion Pegleen

Hi Bob the Frog - Could I have some very fat mice please? Thanks for the tip about the thuds. I have three lovely red & black thuds I was given for Christmas. My brother promptly adopted them but I'm about to reclaim them and try my hand at a half-Reagan!

Sudden Thought Strike - THAT's what H2G2 needs - instead of fish and smilies, we need depictions of MICE! WooHoo! smiley - bigeyes

Juggling Thuds

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Not all juggling bags are filled with seeds, but many are. Some are filled with plastic beads which don't attract the mice, but they are bad for the critters if you get a hole and leak. I believe that Klutz balls are or used to be filled with bits of acorn shell. Biodegradeable and immune to water, which is good. Seed balls occasionally sprout if dropped in water.
By the way, I am a juggling instructor and highly recommend bags over rubber balls. Learning with tennis balls takes about 3 times as long, as you spend way too much time chasing the balls you dropped.

Juggling Thuds

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I learned to juggle three and stopped there. It was always at the back of my mind to learn how to do it, my theory being that if so many other people could do it then even I should be able to. I finally bit the bullet and learned when I saw Charlie in HI-5 juggling.

The advice in the book I got , which was to practice over a bed. was very worthwhile - even using juggle balls which don't roll much using the bed saved time, and my back.

I now keep my hand in (if you'll pardon the expression) by doing a hundred juggles a day. I can do "under and over" and under the leg (sometimes) but I find just basic juggling keeps my wrists supple and allows my mind to wander while my hands are busy. I can also juggle two balls in one hand but never mastered four balls in two hands.

Still even the basic three impresses my daughter's friends (right enough she is only six and still thinks her Dad can do anything).

smiley - run

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