A Conversation for How Not to Name Children

Mike Hunt

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Old Net Lunatic

I think this needs no further clarification from me.......

Mike Hunt

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Cupid Stunt

I don't do it any more, but a while back there was nothing that entertained me more that going through the phone book phone up every unfortunate name... Mr A. Cockhead probably suffered the most... Oh how I laughed...

"Hello? Mr Gun? BANG! You're fired!"

That's not expecially relevant, but in the same vein we also used to phone pubs and ask for various: Amanda Hugankiss, Isobelle Ringing, Oliver Clothesoff, Mike Rotch, Jock Strap, The list is endless. The best reaction was when I put on an australian accent and asked for Mike Hunt. I should be ashamed of myself...

There will always be bored teenagers - don't name your child something like this!

Mike Hunt

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The firm I work for once had an agent called Mr Coquita.

Mike Hunt

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Went to school with a Mike Hunt and he insisted on being called Michael. In 1980 there was a faux name in the local phone book, apparently put there by the telephone employees. Hugh G. Rection.

Mike Hunt

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

I used to work in British Gas with a guy called Bob Schols (pron: skols). Thought nothing of it for years until I looked him up in the company tel list and realised he was R Schols smiley - laugh

Mike Hunt

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I used to work for a bank's callcentre (God help me) and livened up the boring hours by looking through the database for customers with Names.

I know this posting could be pulled for obvious reasons, but I felt real sympathy for the fact we had ELEVEN(!) customers in the database called $hitehead. Not "Whitehead" or "Shirehead" but $hitehead, without the dollar sign which I have used to represent a letter "S".

ELEVEN bona fide fully paid up $hiteheads in the UK, all of whom seemed to be in the Midlands, tending towards Rutland and Leicestershire.

It got worse. Somewhere in Strathclyde there is a Doctor F*ck, with a "u" where I have put the asterix. There is also a Miss F*ckermann, also with a U.

as for "Wankers" - twenty-three of those.

What gets me is that a goodly amount of them were on the database as MRS $hitehead, or mrs Wanker, which indicates they were not born with the name but chose to marry into it...well, they saty true love conquers all!

Mike Hunt

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I also got a brisk talking-to in my current job when I set up a demonstration customer file in the name of "Arthur Foxache"... apparently this penny didn't drop until a senior manager read it out loud in a meeting and wondered why supressed giggles were breaking out all around.

I went away from my brisk job consultation suitably chastised and ordered to "replace that name!" in all files.

Thus was born "Ophelia Buttock"....

Mike Hunt

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i know a mrs wheavil. love conquers all...

Mike Hunt

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my littlesister is named Sine and there's nothing unusual about that,
but in her class there are two of them so she is called Sine P.
and this name spelled backwards has given her a nickname that she isn't very fond of. smiley - blush

Mike Hunt

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

I would have thought (especially if it happens to be a Math class) that her nickname would be Cosine smiley - winkeye

smiley - cheers

Mike Hunt

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I feel bad for a man in my neighborhood. It's bad enough that his last name is Pidd. His parents, (for reasons unbeknownst to me), named the poor boy Stuart. How cruel!smiley - wahsmiley - wah

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