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Having lived in Greenland I know this to be true... But I have heard Greenlanders call each other Eskimo when they are trying to insult each other...

It's allways good to know how to curse in other languages...


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While it is good to know how to curse in my native tongue, Kauwerak (Inupiat), I find it is equally effective to call my brother a "****head"


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Funny how some terminology changes. When I was a child, my Social Studies schoolteachers taught their classes the wide geographical range of " Eskimos. " Their settlements supposedly extended throughout the Arctic regions of many nations. There was never any mention of specific tribal group names. They were all under that single designation. At no time was there ever a hint that " Eskimo " was a derogative term ( our textbooks were careful not to use racial slurs ).

In view of this supposed political correctness, it seems odd that the Inuit peoples have not made a big furor over the Edmonton Eskimos football team. One would think that if the term " Eskimo " is such a no-no, Canada's most successful football franchise ( arguable) would have long ago been forced to abandon this epithet.

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