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No Changes?

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Last week I wrote a detailed critique of the amendments you had made to my article. But there have been no revisions since then. Why not? Your editorial changes served to obscure many things in the piece, and to weaken it overall, making me look less competent than I am. I don't consider this to be an encouragement to me to write further pieces.

No Changes?

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Try posting at the editor's personal space, rather than in a post linked to the entry. I doubt whether the editor has subscribed to the entry, so may not know that you have commented on the editing. Hope that helps


No Changes?

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I've posted a message about this to the editor, so hopefully this matter can get sorted out.


No Changes?

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Hello Ketman,

How are you.smiley - smiley I've read your comments and I've made a couple of amendments as a result. Your original entry remains in the Guide, untouched, as you wrote it. However, an Edited entry will always go through some changes after a Sub and an h2g2 Editor has looked at it. To some degree, Researchers have to learn to 'let go' of their final published Edited Guide work. This is absolute standard practice for all forms of publishing. Editors edit the work of respected writers in all the magazines and newspapers we read, and the same principle applies here. Sometimes you won't agree with the editing, but we do try our best to be absolutely fair and accommodating and we always try to be as flexible as possible. The changes you suggest are mostly a matter of opinion and style and as far as I can tell, there have been no great grammatical travesties committed. However, as I said, before, I have made a couple of changes which I hope will go some way to making amends.

Great entry, by the way. smiley - smiley

All the best,


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