A Conversation for Tea

"Why does it need to be boiling?"

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I recently realized that, even though just about ALL my friends are tea drinkers, they are completely clueless when it comes to preparing black tea blends.

Even my wife will never get it. She says she doesn't taste the difference, and yet she never goes back to drinking the black tea blends after she's prepared it wrong...grrrr!

I'm American, and a devout Earl Grey, English/Irish Breakfast tea drinker. But everytime my wife and I have friends over, they're soooo impatient that they begin to nag because I want to wait until the water has actually reached a rolling boil.

I agree with DNA. If Americans would just have a bit more patience and prepare tea the proper way, it would be a whole lot more popular here in the states.

It's late right now, and I probably could have been a bit more eloquent and concise with whatever point I had in my brain 5 minutes ago...but you get my gist smiley - smiley

"Why does it need to be boiling?"

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

I've never really understood why tea has never caught on in the US. Are people still rebelling thanks to the Boston Tea Party or something? smiley - silly

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"Why does it need to be boiling?"

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