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laser diodes or LEDs?

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Right at the top, you refer to 'laser emitting diodes' - should that be 'light emitting diode'?

laser diodes or LEDs?

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::smacks hand against forehead::

You would be quite correct. When the LED based printers initally came out, they were refered to as 'laser emitting diode technology' which is not correct. It was probably a marketing term at one point.

They use a matrix of _light_ emitting diodes to create the image on the drum. These leds are built in such a manner to create a pinpoint dot of light on the imaging drum.

I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.

laser diodes or LEDs?

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Right then. I'll just see about getting that changed, shall I?

laser diodes or LEDs?

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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

I'm not sure how some printers operate. The one we have at work has a photconductive drum coated in a blue material: probably x-form phthalocyanine. This is an *infrared* photoconductor and so one could get away with a single laser diode. Have a look at this article for more info:

laser diodes or LEDs?

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the laser Optics in a 'standard' laser printer is a near-infra-red as well.

the LEDs use the same color as well.

I've seem Organic photo-conductive (OPC) drums in blue, but they are normally a greensih color. Some of these are shiny, and others are a greenish tourquise color. It all depends on the company that makes the drum.

Laser Printers use a small powered Laser which reflects off of a rotating mirror. they only use a single laser. the LEd based ones have to use a row, because they do not have the rotating mirror, per se.

Some wacky engineer may have come out with a unit that does, however.

laser diodes or LEDs?

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Felonious Monk - h2g2s very own Bogeyman

The very first laser printers used to have HeNe gas lasers in, I think. However, nowadays one gets laser diodes in all sorts of colours, even blue, I understand. I was gobsmacked to discover that one even gets UV LEDs now. Will wonders never cease? smiley - smiley

The blue/green/universe-coloured chemical in the drum is mentioned in this article wot I wrote: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A656804, if you're interested. I made loads of the bloody things for exactly the purpose that they are put to in laser printers, so I never ever want to see one again. If yoiu read the article you will see that this is a bit of a forlorn hope.

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