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while badminton can be an absolutely brilliant game full of athleticism and tactics ... it is probably one of the worst played by the average person.

Often while stood in sports centres I have observed two people standing on either side of a badminton net basically just hitting the 'cock back and forth to each other. The possibility of actually playing a shot away from the opponent never seems to occur. All the potential athleticism, intrigue and explosiveness of the game is lost smiley - sadface

To further generalise, it is usually either two middle-aged housewives who are trying to get some exercise; or a bloke with his girlfriend.

Happened to wander over here because I'm writing an entry on volleyball which in Britain shares many of the characteristics of badminton.
- keep the ball/'cock off the ground.
- great fun.
- well-organised tournaments, but low audience profile.
- potentially athletic and tiring, but rarely played that way.

BBS smiley - smiley

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