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Mo Power (Itching Cucumber, Lord of Nonsense elect)

..., the Austrian version (literally translated: feather ball - guess why) is quite common within my family. I remember playing this game every summer when spending a day at the lakeside. We used to play it with no playing field or net whatsoever, on a simple meadow.
Two players stand facing each other, about 10m apart, trying to achieve the longest possible rally. Points are scored (if they are, which is not neccessarily done), when the ball hits the ground (the other player get the point, of course). Due to different reasons (wind, trees, unprofessional players, ...), this is quite easily done.
There is also one special hit, called "El Bruto" (OK, we call it so): A hard hit directl at the opponents body.

Various modifications can be done, like playing in an triangle or square (depending on the number of players).

Try it out!

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