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I liked wot I red in your editorials about new werdz makin it intu th dictionary. U seem an inteligent person. Any vews on ufos?
If you're interested av a luk at a web page I did find whilst browzin.
Ere it iz: [URL removed by moderator]
I search 4 photojournalists an designerz like myself

Thanx, and cheerio,............fs

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a girl called Ben

Well my position on UFOs is fairly straightforward.

Although the universe is clearly big enough, old enough, and complex enough to contain other forms of life, I see no evidence for UFOs that cannot be explained here on earth.

The US were flying spy planes over the USSR throughout the Cold War - my assumption is that most of the UFOs spotted in the US were in fact Russian Spy planes the identification of which were classified military secrets. Or possibly US spy planes, which would also have been military secrets.

So I see no reason why UFOs should not be extra-terrestial, but nothing so far convinces me that even one of them is.


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