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Money (loose change)

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On a number of occasions (especially at my local in Plumstead South East London) I have seen loose change, generally low value ie one and two pence pieces has been thrown into the trough type uninals and some poor cleaner has to collect these up. I can never work out why this is done! Could it be that during a particularly long pee these guys get bored and have a quick feel through their have them sit heavily in their pockets.
This leads me onto another observation and quite a funny story.
Just recently I was speaking to a new aquiantance who was doing some glazing work for me and I discovered that he used to be a local collector of a charity boxes in and around the local area. When he found out the name of my local he said that when he counted the money in the charity box from there the change was all green and damp. Need I say more. For all the years he had collected he did not realise what caused this. I hope he washed his hands well!

I have also known people to have reqular sex ie Male and female in a pub toilet (male) in Lewisham South East London. I've never fancied it my self as the toilets were filthy and awash with urine on the floors. Some people must be desperste.

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Money (loose change)

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