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Ventnor CH RDF

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Old Don

There are several mistakes in this write-up.
1) It is suggested that the CH station was built near The Pepper Pot and then moved to St.Boniface. This is not the case, the Pepper Pot location was merely considered but then rejected before construction commenced.
2)The RDF station was not fully operational in January 1939 as suggested. But it was operational in an "intermediate" form using two of the wooden towers only.
3) An autogyro was not used to test the range of CH. That would have been in occupied France! Indeed during the calibration exercise it had to be kept in sight through a theodolite mounted at the top of one of the towers.

I feel that those sufficiently interested in this topic really ought to look at www.ventnorradar.co.uk which includes a proper explanation of the the CH system.

Ventnor CH RDF

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Hello Old Don

Thank you for popping by and correcting the mistakes in this article - were you personally involved in the Ventnor Radar Station? If so, I would be delighted to hear more about your experiences.

This article was intended to be an introduction to the story of the Ventnor Radar station, and I am delighted that a more in-depth website on the subject has since been written - thank you for providing the link to http://www.ventnorradar.co.uk . I see that this written over four years after my humble attempt.

I admit that, as I was not actually present at the time, I can only write based on the sources I have to hand. Being a state secret during the war years, there are inevitably occasions where the sources I used are in error or I make a human error mistake. In these cases I apologise, but thank you for contacting me and informing me where I have gone wrong.


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