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BBC series about Nuremberg

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It is 60 years ago= the Nuremberg Nazis trial and I don't know whén the series exactly started at BBC 2, but tonight at 21.00 London time
at BBC 2, there is one part of the docu-series about Albert Speer,
who was the architect of Hitlers mega building projects.

When the international war tribunal in The Hague (Netherlands) was oficially started (a few years ago), one of the procecuters from the Neuremberg tribunal was there too (on his own birthday). A very kind,
low profile Englishman. For him it was a very special day to see that
in one way or another, some kind of continuation of the Neuremberg trials has now been created for other political criminals.

And The USA have been resisiting as hard as they could; so they want the tribunal there to be, but categorally nót for them.
They even introduced an "invasion law" to invade the coast of The Netherlands if only even óne of their own soldiers would be kept in prison for trial.

Well, I would be véry glad to see that happen; an invasion at the Dutch beaches by the American marines. I would even stop my holiday to see it.
Almost hilarious.

BBC series about Nuremberg

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"Today" = sept. 25 in 2006

Greetings from Amsterdam.

And at "Belgium 2" there is also a docu tonight, that starts at 21.10 Amsterdam time (22.10 London time) until 22.00.

BBC series about Nuremberg

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I did not know there ever was an "Auschwitz - tribunal".

There wás; a very big one. In 1963. Twenty two got the death penalty and others were convicted to long time in prison.

At monday, october 2, 2006, Belgium 2, I think at the same time;

21.10 Continental time/Amsterdam time, so to speak, until 22.00.

Of course, it's not translated in English, etc. But still;

I thought it was relevant to write this , (because they use 100 percent historic film/photo's) and finish my posting here.

Maybe someone from Belgium who is surfing around.

But despite the language, many 63 court pictures speak for themselves,
not to mention the Auschwitz pictures.

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