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Just a couple. I'm glad this game has an entry. Thanks Lucinda.

I grew up (?) in Texas, and I was taught that, while a lot of folks call this game Egyptian Rat Screw and Egyptian War (when their parents are in the room), that the only proper name is Great American Cow F**k.

Also, as I learned it, pure Great American Cow F**k has only ONE slapping rule, and that's for doubles. The sandwich rule was the only other one I'd heard of, and is considered by purists (around here) to be a new-fangled corruption - a sure sign that the up-and-coming generation will send this world to galloping ruin if they're not locked up now. The "sums" and "runs" rules sound *completely* depraved, and why they ever emerged from the slums and gutters of Gomorrah where they must have originated is beyond my powers of comprehension.

One other thing - I believe that the name Egyptian War comes from the similarity of the game to War, its boring uncle. Is that worth a mention?

Ok, one other thing. Since it's not very important that there are exactly 4 (or 8 or 12) cards of each face value, this is a good game to play with rag-tag conglomerations consisting of two or three different decks, each with several cards missing, therefore individually useless, all thrown together. These dirty collections of reject cards are known as Cow F**k Decks and are treated accordingly.

I'm surprised that I had so much to say on this subject, and I seem to actually care, too... smiley - huh Note to self: see doctor


Couple of comments

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Martin Harper

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