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A General Comment on these fish recipies

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Scott Bennett-AKA Scoop

While many of these ideas are interesting I take issue with the initial statement of the simple bible recipie being so bad.

The beauty of fish is that it often has a subtle yet distinct flavour which reacts well to a lack of tampering. Often the best thing to do with a fish is to bake it or stick on the grill pan plain or sparsely seasoned with I few well thought out flavours like chilli, citrus, parsley or just plain salt and pepper.

While I have enjoyed many fine dishes that involved fish in a complicated way all of my best experiences have come from the plainer approach. This is especially true of Scallops. To take such an expensive and exquisite ingredient and smother it with other flavours is just plain obscene.

A General Comment on these fish recipies

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

I agree. On a related note, I am still undecided whether the positioning of the 'train crash' recipe at the head of the list was a stroke of genius or done by someone suffering from sun stroke.

A General Comment on these fish recipies

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Uncle Ghengis

I agree. I often enjoy fish and bread
(yup, another Biblical recipe - from the feeding of the 5000???)

I especially like Mackerel with some good crusty chunky bread.
(White, wholemeal, sodabread, ciabatta or any other variation, but definitely better than ordinary white sliced bread. Also a bit of butter or olive oil wouldn't go amiss...)

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A General Comment on these fish recipies

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