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hey there guys. I have been catching a few videos, but I always keep an eye out for the interesting. I would love to hear some reviews on at least some of the myriad of videos out there.
Oh yeah, leave out the obvious reviews of videos from folks like Frankie, etc.... Also please leave prices and where they could be located.
Personally I have a preference for Lindy videos however anything with good moves will interest me.

Rules shmooles

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Classic Krissy

Sheesh...go ahead and suck all the fun out of this! Since I wrote the entry I invite anyone to review, say, or dance any way they want to here. Go crazy! Review Frankie Manning! I LOVED 'Can't Top the Lindy Hop'. Remember, if you swing your way and your partner can follow, then you're doin' it the "right way". The music's as important as the dancin' and if you aren't smiling and havin' a good time, you're doin' it wrong. Geez, loosen up and stop making rules. Remember, "If you gonna' be a square, you ain't a-gonna' go nowhere."

Rules shmooles

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Whatever... I don't want to get into an arguement over dance.

I was just wondering if anyone had seen any cool videos, and I wanted to leave out the obvious.

Rules shmooles

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Oh, don't mind her. She's just a bit high-strung. smiley - smiley

High Strung??

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Classic Krissy

*screaming and throwing things* I AM NOT!!! smiley - winkeye *taking a deep breath* I'm sorry, Usagi, he's right *grumbling about having to admit that* I have been more than my usual high-strung self lately. My apologies.

It's cool

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I'm ok. I just had to take a step back before I went off as well. I really did not see myself as posting "rules".


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'Hellzapoppin' is one of my favorites.

Definately some of the best dancing ever caught on tape.

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