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the black whisky...

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hiya whisky, nice entry....smiley - winkeye

how do you rate Loch Dhu?

years ago when i was a student a friend of mine brought a bottle round to the flat and we got a bit carried away with it..... strange strange stuff... almost difficult to call it a whisky really. Nice though.

I wonder how they get it like that?

the black whisky...

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I've run across Loch Dhu, it's interesting, if nothing else smiley - winkeye. Haven't tasted any for 5 or 6 years now though.

If memory serves, it had an odd, almost 'burnt' yet sweet taste...

Again, if memory serves, the distillers say they make it by charring the insides of the barrels before they fill them with spirit. However, personally, I suspect they also pour a good dollop of liquid caramel or molasses into the barrel as well.

the black whisky...

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...the best thing is saying 'the blaaack whisky' in a piratical voice....

i suspect you're right about the molasses...smiley - winkeye

we also had some 'chilli whisky' once.. which, again, was an odd drink.....

the black whisky...

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Chilli Whisky??? smiley - yikes
My god that sounds dangerous!

Nearly killed my old man a few months back with whisky though - he was sniffling away and said he could do with a hot toddie... So I disappeared into the kitchen to make him one.

Unfortunately, I only had one bottle in the house at the time, so, with a heavy heart I had to use it...

You should have seen his face when he took a large swig of honey, sugar, a tiny bit of hot water and a decent-sized shot of warmed 65%ABV Caol Ila!

I swear I saw steam coming out of his ears! smiley - biggrin

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