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A bit light on the mysteries of blending within distilleries.
As well as sherry wood and bourbon casks, there are also maderia and port, as well as new oak, burnt inside or not, casks. The blenders, with their famous "noses", mix the different whiskys produced within their distilleries to a uniform brand taste. As for blends, again no discription of the blending involved of grain and malts with mixtures between 40% to 60% grain to malt.
However, I much prefer the mysteries to the monstrosity of the brewery in the north of England, which via is computer controlled machinery, boasts that it can produce any type of regional or distinctive / individual beer from another brewery (before the company closes it)(nb. they talk the talk, some day they might learn to walk).

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True, I didn't really go into the blending process, I might do a seperate article on it.

Quick note, I heard a rumour that there was going to be a law brought into place ensuring that there was a minimum of 10% malt in any blend - and furthermore, that several well known brands wouldn't be able to call themselves whisky anymore unless they changed their recipe.

50 to 60 % Malt blends are the expensive end of the market.

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