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It is only really the occultists who claim that the 52 card pack came from Tarot cards - academic historians don't. There is no evidence for this claim - only the unsupported assumption that the entire Tarot deck was an occult creation. Tarot trumps are first recorded at the very beginning of the 15th century (possibly end of the 14th). These Tarot packs had the addition of trumps (and introduced the concept of trumps to card games) and the queen in the court cards. Tarot games have been with us for about 600 years, for the first 400 they were known for nothing else. They are still played in France, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Austria, and Switzerland. Whilst the French suited cards are mostly used, the old Italian designs are still in play in Italy, Sicily, and regions of Switzerland.

If you want to get some, check out www.playingcardsales.com - I've bought a lot of cards there and can vouch for the service.

Nice article - I love card games and hope to contribute some games myself. They can be great ice breakers, so when you travel - or meet travellers - it's good to be able to play other peoples' national games.

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evolvution from Tarot

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