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Does anyone know what is use inthe ink for tattoos that only show up in laser ligthsmiley - biggrin im trying to find for reseacrh


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Dr Hell

I don't think "laser light" is the decisive factor here. Laser light is not much different from conventional light, it's just more "coherent". I can't see how *this* property of laser light, i.e. the coherence alone, can be used to make a particular dye in a tattoo visible.

More probably, this special "ink" will be invisible under normal light. That is, in the spectrum between wavelengths from 400 to 750 nm. In other words, the dye will work, will become visible, either due to interaction with infra-red (IR) or ultra-violet (UV) light (both off the range of human vision, hence invisible).

There are arguments speaking for and against both types of dyes, i.e. dyes that work with high energy radiation, i.e. UV, and dyes that work in the IR range. I would guess the dyes you are talking about are the IR type (IR lasers are more commonly available). I dunno how harmful these dyes are though... Could check.



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I think the dye he is after shows up under UV light not IR light...smiley - biggrin

I think the idea is that you get a tattoo which will the fluoresce (sic?)under the black lights of a night club...I quite like the idea, if it works with the design of the rest of the tat' of course!

http://www.blacklightink.com/uv-blacklight-reactive-tattoos-tattoo-ink.htmsmiley - smiley

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