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Inverted Commass

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Smiley Ben

Your inverted commas are quotation marks! I was always taught that ''' is an inverted comma (because it looks like a comma, just at the top) and '"' are quotation marks... No?

Inverted Commass

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Kintara the Casual Observer- Dr. Bob is still operating, an easy 42 with (1+8*5-1+3-1=42)

This font ain't the best for showing inverted commas or quotation marks, so forgive if it looks confusing.
I was also taught that the ' was the inverted comma for the same reason as you mentioned (its a comma, but inverted!)
Also, I know " as inverted commas or quotation marks (or quotes) each phrase being interchangeable.

I suspect that all this confusion is due to the fact that, in the old mechanical days of typewriters, not all the puncuation marks were represented on the keys. I can remember that l (lower case L) had to used for the numeral 1 (one), and so it's not unreasonable to assume that the key for " may have sometimes been omitted from the keyboard. This would then mean that ' ' (comma comma) would have to be used instead of "(hence " is also called inverted commas [plural]).

All this from a laymans point of view, but it makes sense to me.
Fun to you all
Kintara smiley - cool

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