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Researcher 168963

Your article was ever so helpful to a poor physics student...cheers. smiley - biggrin
All the other sources I could find were either trying to sell me pretty lights for discos or undecipherable by anyone without a PhD.


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Dr Hell

Wow. Thank YOU for this comment.


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Are you saying that photons bounce off mirrored sufaces or are they in fact absorbed and re-emitted?

Do photons pass through a prism or are they absorbed and re-emitted at an angle.

Is there such a thing as yellow light? We actually "see" a combination of red and green light that to us looks yellow. The whole visible spectrum can be created with just red, green and blue light. If you draw interleaved red and green lines on you computer screen, you will see a yellow screen. If you look at a yellow smiley with a powerful magnifying glass you will see that the yellow is generated by a load of red and green dots (pixels) - there are no yellow dots.

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