A Conversation for The Waters of Life


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First paragraph:
'Even our brains are 80% water, making them more liquid than blood.'
Shouldn't this read 'more liquid than solid'? Blood is liquid. smiley - tongueout

Third paragraph (The Memory Of Water):
'However, the physical and chemical properties of the compound, H2O, are extraordinary complicated.'
extraordinary -> extraordinarily.

- Peregrin, missing being a subeditor smiley - winkeye


Post 2


I think that, rather than saying the brain consists of more water than it does blood, the author was making a comparison. That is, the brain is more liquid than blood, it has a higher percentage of water in it.
Interesting article. I enjoyed it.


Post 3


Fixed smiley - smiley


Post 4


oh I seeeeeeee... the brain is more liquid, than blood is liquid. smiley - doh!!!

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