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One further effect for a man who has had sex with another man, even safe sex with a condom, is that in the UK, at least, you may NEVER give blood again. This is because in 1991 at the height of the scares over AIDS legislation was brought in to place certain high risk categories unto a list of people who's blood was not to be taken for transfusion purposes. In 2001, despite the rate of new cases of HIV +ve tests being in the heterosexual community this ban on anyone in such a position. The rule does not really take into account perceived or actually HIV status, as no one can be sure of the one question, 'Do you think you need to take an HIV or Hepititis C test?', which occurs later on the medical questionaire.

This also has a knock-on effect for your new partner. She is not allowed to give blood for a 12 month period after having sexual intercourse with you. Resulting from this is further fuel for the paranoia that some people, especially her family, will have about the state of your health. They may start to doubt you, throw a ring of defences around their daughter. This is often because her parents are from a generation that never had to really live with the full threat of AIDS and HIV and therefore, unlike those of us who had to grow up with it as we entered adulthood, never fully took in all the facts. This may need a gentle hand to try and show them that you are only a 'perceived risk', in the eyes of the law, though not an actual risk, which is far more important to your relationship.

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Addendum - Bad Blood

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