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It's a super place to visit

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

And that's a super entry too Jeremy smiley - ok I spent a wonderful day at Joshua Tree a few years ago (and I have the pictures to prove - if you want to see them, mail me at [email protected]). The scenery is spectacular. We visited the western end of the park, coming in from Twentynine Palms. We got there at about midday, and left the park as the sun was going down. I tried to get some good sunset shots, and as far as I remember one or two came out. There was a full moon too which came up shortly before sunset, and I tried to get a good picture of that over the desert, but I didn't have a good enough camera. On the way back to LA we stopped off at.... Desert Hot Springs? Many of the hotels there have pools which are fed not by chlorine-filled water but by natural hot springs from the ground below, and for a small charge, anyone can use them.

It's a super place to visit

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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

Thanks you, Goshoogoshoogosh!

I still love seeing the diapositives we made over there. Joshua Tree would be an excellent place to spend some days if you just want to be alone and see hardly anybody.

It's a super place to visit

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Mr X {he who hasn't yet thought of a really cool name}

Yep, I'd agree it's somewhere you just have to stop off at if you're driving into the Desert from LA...

As well as plants one of the most surprising things to note is the amount of wildlife there is, here is a place where you can see a real 'roadrunner' and a coyote... yes a roadrunner is a real bird but it's actually quite small. We were climbing over some rocks and saw one hop and fly between rocks, but it's didn't go 'meep meep' like in the cartoon.

We visited in July, and yes it was hot during the day but out plan was to get there early in the morning to have a good look round before it got too hot, then we went back to the motel and dipped in the pool during mid day and returned in the evening to see the sun set.

Another little visited national park worth seeing is 'Death Valley'. A superb place to see, amaizing geology formations, mountains, dried up salt lakes, volcanic crators, desert sand dunes, you name it... another hot place in the summer...

If you want ideas for a holiday, we flew into LA, drove accross to Joshua Tree, then Las Vegas (fun place), The Grand Canyon (a must see), Death Valley (hot!), Yosemite (alpine, meadows, mountains and waterfalls) and finally San Francisco... All in 2 weeks with a hire car. The best thing is there are lots of national parks and not too many cities...


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