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I can say the writer's article is very true, as I have been helping entertainment artists for the last 3 years. However, as Reba McEntire stated in a television interview about her career as not only an entertainment artist but also owning an entertainment company along with her husband, "treat this industry like a business and it will be good to you."

A music career can be fun but first and foremost, it is work. An artist must really think deeply about what they really want from a career in this industry. Secondly, come back to step A and 1,2,3 subsets and make a plan about "how" you are going to reach your goal you have set for yourself. Thirdly, put it in writing. Make out an actual business plan including a cash flow sheet.

As in any business venture the ways of financing are: your own savings, family and friends (angel investors), corporate sponsors, banking institutions, venture capitalists. Other than yourself or maybe family and friends, not one of these financing investors will take you seriously unless you have a VIABLE BUSINESS PLAN.

The viable business plan in the great step forward in being a success in this industry and like any other business plan needs to be re-looked at approximately every six months to ensure planned against actual.

Treat your career as a business and you will have a business. Fool around and spend every dime you make foolishly and you will end up being a failure or worse.....a low-life, druggy, drunk, artist who is a loser.

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