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... in "Good Omens", the demon Crowley is working hard on tempting the angel Aziraphale, and more-or-less manages it with a discourse on infinity.

He uses the standard Dominican argument, the one about the bird that has to fly to a mountain at the other end of creation, sharpen its beak, and then fly back again, and how long it will take that bird to wear the mountain down into gravel and sand. After some irrelevant asides along the lines of "is this one of those science-fiction things where the bird's aboard a spacecraft and has to tell its descendents what they have to do when they arrive at this mountain? I mean, look at the lifespan of a small bird, compared to the full journey time involved...", Crowley puts an interesting twist on the usual punchline:

"And you know what? You STILL won't have finished watching "The Sound of Music!""

Aziraphale cracks, groans, and reaches for the bottle again...

well, this conveys the horror of infinity to me...

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The Pratchett Proof...

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