A Conversation for Death, Suicide and Close Shaves in the World of Classical Music

schumann - oh no

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Schumann. severely mantally disturbed. yes, that is certainly correct. but i would strongly reccomend a slight alteration here to at least acknowledge the point that Robert Schumann's madness has been atributed to the MERCURY TREATMENT which he had been receiving for syphilis. Administration of Mercury was a common medical practice in his day, but unfortunately did nothing except seemingly releive the symptoms while also causing madness. please do your own aditional research (Don't quote me) to confirm this before editing your guide entry.
My main source is wikipaedia and also a few Schumann websites.

schumann - oh no

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Gnomon - time to move on

I'll have to research that. Encyclopaedia Britannica doesn't mention it, but does say that he suffered from depression for at least 20 years before he died - presumably this was independent of the hallucinations which caused him to sign himself into the asylum.

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