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Where exactly?

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Detective Sergeant Pepper

When you say "northern Derbyshire" are you talking about the area around Edale between Manchester and Sheffield or are you referring to the moors furtheer north in South Yorkshire (the pennines)?

Since the area is such a large one, it would be nice to have maybe a map pinpointing places where they have been sighted.

smiley - cheers

Where exactly?

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Metal Chicken

I was primarily thinking of the area of Derbyshire on my own back yard, so as you suggest, betweeen Manchester and Sheffield. However I believe they are present over a much wider area of the high moorlands, with sightings reported down near the Staffordshire end of the Peak District. Your idea of a map is a good one smiley - ok Only thing is the BBC doesn't allow us to add our own pictures to articles (I did quite well here being provided with the hare picture, even if I do think it looks more like a rabbit). If there is any such map on the net, we could add a link to it. Just need to go and find one now.
Thanks for your comments smiley - smiley


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