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Rocket Rod

Just a point that seem to have been overlooked in this artical
The common turbine (jet) engine consists of two major components.These being a rotating shaft bearing multiple rows of blades (the fans). And a static body also containing multiple rows of blades (diaphragms). These are arranged alternately although the blade pitch in the diaphragms is opposite to that of the fans. This arrangement \ / \ / \ / \ / \ keeps the air-flow almost straight, without it the flow would spiral to such a degree that thrust would be negligable.

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Thanks for that! I learned a great deal writing this entry, and the learning continues. I've often wondered why the turbine rotors and stators are arranged like that...

For a couple more linked articles, look out for (or search for) an upcoming entry on Rockets and Jets and another on the Bussard ramjet.

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Rocket Rod

We all live and learn smiley - smiley
I've been building/maintaining power/marine turbine/diesel installations for the last 25 odd years.
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