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Life is full of relationships.

For example female blood is out of the great octahedron, whereas male blood is out of the falcon, the merciless killer of the sky.

The great octahedron has a volume of 203,500,000 cubic feet. and less ten percent and halved so it can be sat down in the desert place, that is near Cairo, a pyramid with a volume of 91,575,000 cubic feet, namely the Great Pyramid, called the 'Light'.

And the square root twice of 203,500,000 is 67.1647 pounds per cubic feet the weight of one cubic foot of blood. Hence female blood reveals the Great Pyramid.

Now about 120 years ago in England, the business of cremation, the burning of Londoners was receiving much attention.

And so the authorities were testing how much came out when a dead body was placed into the fire.

And in those days the average weight for a man was 154 pounds and when burnt, he came out as 7.56 pounds of dust, (And the Great Pyramid has a mean platform base width of some 756 feet).

Anyway, thanks to female blood, the Great Pyramid was created so to speak, and so to the burning of human flesh.

And the average weight of one cubic foot of flesh and bones of humanity is 66.7 pounds per cubic foot.

So humanity at 66.7 pounds placed into the fire comes out divided by 20.3703 at some 3.2743 pounds.

And so one burnt cubic foot of human flesh and bones x one not yet burnt cubic foot of human flesh and bones, is the number 218.4.

Now the number 218.4 and halved, is 109.2.

And 1.09200e-08 has a reciprocal of 91,570,000.

So the Great Pyramid can be built so to speak by that of the dust of one human x the flesh of another and halved.

So female blood makes the Great Octahedron, less the tithe and halved, and this stands in the desert as the Great Pyramid. And the Great Pyramid represents one burnt x one not burnt human.

And when using the Victorian average for the male at 154 pounds, out of him comes 7.56 pounds of ashes and dust, which is 6 lots of 1.26, and 126 is the number label for the Serpent Spirit, or rather Satan, the Devil, but this is another story...


Blood and Dust

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How can one keep so many facts in mind?????

Blood and Dust

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Because I play with numbers!

And the blood of the human male is slightly heavier than the female, and this weighs in at 67.186240 pounds per cubic foot. And so the reciprocal, and square root is 0.122

And the incubation period of the falcon of north Africa is some 30-31 days and so has the label '61' and x 2 is 122.

The Maltese falcons are related to the area of Malta + islands at 122 square miles.

The falcon represents Horus, who is of both the Delta and Upper Egypt, that is the red land and the white land, the same two colours on the Maltese flag.

And take the Mirror 100 principle the number 61 is 59, and 59 is the number label for the Knights Templar once also of Malta, who were the Knights of the Moon... but that's another story.

So male blood shows Horus, and female blood the Pyramid...


Blood and Dust

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Saturn Girl ~ 1 of 42 (Borg Queen A761708) ~ Gollum's keeper + some ~ [1*7(0!+2)(0!+1)=42]

Now can you get that all to = 42? smiley - winkeye

Blood and Dust

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Mr Prophet (General Purpose Genre Guru)

And as you, Umberto Eco, Graham Hancock and Kenneth Hite have all shown, you can make the numbers say absolutely anything you want them to.

The Prophet.

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In answer to the world's most famous number, the number 42, I did this:

Three Feathers

The first third is from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Household Tales.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

THERE was once upon a time a King who had three sons, of whom two were clever and wise, but the third did not speak much and was simple, and was called the Simpleton. When the King had become old and weak, and was thinking of his end, he did not know which of his sons should inherit the kingdom after him. Then he said to them. “Go forth, and he who brings me the most beautiful carpet shall be King after my death.” And that there should be no dispute amongst them, he took them outside his castle, blew three feathers in the air, and said, “You shall go as they fly.” One feather flew to the east, the other to the west, but the third flew straight up and did not fly far, but soon fell to the ground. And now one brother went to the right, and the other to the left, and they mocked Simpleton, who was forced to stay where the third feather had fallen.

The King walked back into his castle and his third son sat down and was sad, then all at once he saw that there was a trap-door close by the feather. He raised it up, found some steps, and went down them, and then he came to another door, knocked at it, and heard somebody inside calling, “Come on in.”

Simpleton gasped with astonishment as he walked into the chamber, for it was like no other room he had ever seen. And the room was very high and it was lit by a white sphere hanging down from the ceiling. And seated under the Moon like lamp was a woman attired as if an ancient Egyptian princess, and she called out, “I am Maat, the wife of Thoth, the Measurer Moon god, and I am Truth, and my symbol is the ‘Feather of Truth’ and the feather placed into the ‘Scales of Life’ to weigh the heart of the soul who stands to be judged to death or to life.”

Simpleton, was then asked my Maat, “I know what you require, but unless you answer my question correctly you will return without the carpet. And so the question is, “What is special about the ‘Feather’ that is my symbol?”

And as this son was the helper in his father’s zoo he knew the difference between the feathers of the different birds, and whereas the feather in his own hand was that of the falcon, the feather now shown to him was of the ostrich. So he replied, “The feather that is your symbol, the Feather of Truth, is of the ostrich.” And Maat then asked, “And so what?” Now this second question was unexpected, and so he thought, and he thought, and then he blurted out, “It has the number 42, because the ostrich egg needs 42 days to hatch, as does the vulture!”

“Well done, and when you return to your father the King, he will grant you the title, ‘Prince of Wales’, and three ostrich feathers will be in your crown. And your own symbol of the ‘Three Feathers’ has the label 126, that is 42 x 3, and 126 represents both the label 17, for the cobra symbol as was worn on the headdress of the Pharaoh, next to the symbol of the vulture, a bird also with the label 42. And 126 less 17 is the label 109, that of the Spirit, so the ‘Three Feathers’ represents the symbol of the Serpent Spirit, that of the cherubim and the seraphim, the angels that come as light. For their symbol is the Sun, for at 865,000 miles in diameter, it is made up of 6 Serpents at 17,000 each + 7 Spirits at 109,000 each. So you can go, for you are now the Prince of Wales, the Prince of the ‘Three Feathers’ who now has within you and around you, the angels of light to guide you.

And so on… by the seat of my pants the story continues… where Maat is herself the carpet, so to speak…


For the Prophet

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So Prophet can anything be made to have any number label that is desired?

Me, I don't think so, for there are constants involved sometimes.

Foucault's Pendulum regularly crops up in the hermetic manuscripts so they decide it must have a significant place in their plan. They decide the Templars have to wait for the full 600 years before finding the place of the Telluric Currents. So they decide that when the large map is complete, then it is to be spread out under the Foucault's Pendulum. And only placed there on the Summer Solstice and the point on the map which the Pendulum is above when the Sun first shines through the window onto the map of the Earth is the very position where the Telluric Currents can be controlled from.

The story goes on to where one of the men tells the plan to a person who is involved in Hermetic mythology and he tells it as if it's a true story saying that he'd been told by one of the writers. He also tells that he knows the about the completed map but can't divulge this information. The very next he is hunted down by the Hermetic group and is taken to the place in Paris in time for the Summer Solstice. He refuses to divulge the map (because it doesn't exist of course) and he is threatened by having the Pendulum's wire wrapped round his neck. He still refuses to say anything and is killed by the pendulum and so is hanged by, and swings upon the pendulum to his death. The book soon finishes.

So why did Umberto Eco link the Knights Templar to Foucaults Pendulum in the Conservatoire des Arts et Mètiers in Paris, France?

And so I thought what did Foucault into the measures of his famous pendulum, using a twenty-eight kilo silver ball with a needle point, hanging by wire from a fixed point on the ceiling 67 metres some 200 feet above, and attached to the Eye of Horus says I.

Firstly, if the ball weight of about 28 kilos, say 61.734 pounds x the length at 200 feet in yards, and cubed, x Pi twice is 9.15750000e+11, and the volume for the Great Pyramid is 91,5750,000cu.ft.

And not forgetting that 9.15750 x 3 and divided by Pi twice is 2.78354cu.ft the volume of a newly cut block of sandstone, at 26.5 x 16.5 x 11 inches that is the anointing stone once confined into the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey for some 700 years. So this Stone of Scone, the Stone of Destiny could actually be associated with the Knights Templar in Scotland, hence the Sovereign was anointed by being seated upon the Great Pyramid.

So the two measures of the Pendulum reveal the worlds most famous symbol for death.

OK, at the latitude of Paris, a pendulum vibrates a distance of some 39.129 inches per second, so Foucaults Pendulum swings for 16.426 seconds, and squared twice x 15, and the reciprocal is 9.1575000e-07. So swing time is Pyramid time.

And the distance of the swing is some 53.5619 feet and squared 5 times and /2 the square root 4 times and /3 is 915.7500.

Thus when a Knight Templar walks in to the Panthéon where the pendulum slowly swayed to and fro beneath the dome of the former church, and looked up to the centre of the painted dome to see the Eye of God, he must have smiled, for surely he felt he was in heart of the Great Pyramid, the Light.

John DM

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