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Hidden depths of tango

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Congratulations on the most insightful and sensitive articles on tango I have read. I teach tango argentino in Southampton and often have followers come to me with their confidence in tatters after an insensitive leader has made them feel responsible for everything that goes wrong in the dance.
I try to teach an etiquette that your article very eloquently puts into words, and I will bear them in mind in my future lessons.

Hidden depths of tango

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Glad the Guide could help smiley - smiley Unfortunately the author seems to be AWOL smiley - sadface but maybe you can become our resident expert on the Tango smiley - smiley Until later...
BCNU - Crescent

Hidden depths of tango

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This is Jake the Tanguero in my alternate personality, DenverMan. Actually, Jake the Tanguero is pretty much dead and gone as I lost my log in information for that avatar. Ah well. Anyway, you're quite welcome Bandoman. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad that someone who teaches Argentine Tango thinks so highly of my article. I'm quite flattered indeed. smiley - smiley

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