A Conversation for Washing Lines and Clothes Pegs

Not if you live in a flat!

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Claire from London

What a lovely article! It certainly does bring back childhood memories, but I don't think these memories are my own. Living in central London, I'd have to be the Queen to have enough space for a long washing line and have you ever been to Hong Kong? Take a look at the apartments in Kowloon and you'll see everyone's underwear strung out on balconies for the world to 'admire'. Well, it certainly provides amusing entertainment for tourists. Anyhow, I enjoyed reading your piece but I just wish there was a chord in me for it to touch.

Not if you live in a flat!

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Clothes horse in the shower Claire, or is that just me? What else are we flat dwellers supposed to do with all the stuff that says Do Not Tumble Dry if we haven't got a balcony?

But as far as washing strung across the street goes, I just need to go up the road - there's that many back-to-back houses in Leeds that there's no other option. But I wouldn't want the neighbours getting that close to my greying emergency pants!

Not if you live in a flat!

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You can call me TC

I realise this is a problem. Perhaps there is an opening here for an enterprising person - to hire a field and put up loads of washing lines and offer to hang out people's washing for them, take a video of it flapping gaily in the breeze and return dry washing and video to satisfied customers.

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