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Filter tobacco

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Apparently most filter cigarettes provide good tobacco for a joint (because it burns easier than rolling tobacco) - menthol cigarettes however produce a strange flavour sensation. It does not necessarily enhance the experience.

Just a point I thought might be worth mentioning.

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Filter tobacco

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Aahh, but it rolls better, and has less of all the rest of the chemicals that are added to cigarettes (such as ammonia etc.) smiley - smiley Oooh, got to dash - hometime smiley - smiley Until later....
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Filter tobacco

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Diablo the Chicken

American Spirit cigarettes contain no chemicals, just tobacco (though i don't know what's in the filters).

There's no saltpetre in them so they burn more slowly than regular ciggies, which makes them good for spliffs.

Filter tobacco

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Mong, Ruler of the Spoon People

If you don't smoke cigarettes, like me, you buy the cheap ones for rollies, and my god you can get some s**t in them! Rolling backie's a far better bet!

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