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hail to the thief

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well, i'm listening to the latest Radiohead offering, "Hail to the Thief", and I have to say that I think it's their best work in years. I was always a "Bends" fan, but this craps on that from a massive height. And the over-rated "OK Computer"? No contest. "Hail to the Thief" is everything i ever loved about Radiohead, condensed, distorted, and then shoved through Jonny and Ed's boxes of tricks. It is weird, scary, funny ("dance you fucker dance" etc...) and totally encapsulates the magic Radiohead can work when they are on top form. And what a classic way to start an album:

"brzzzzk. Brrzzzzzz-brzz-kkk...."

a guitar being plugged in. great...

hail to the thief

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i have to agree with you. i only started listening to them about a year a go but i already think there probably my favourite band. Have you herd the live stuff most of its ace even better than there studio songs i suggest getting " i might be wrong. live recordings"

hail to the thief

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one of my former students (teacher, see...) gave me a CD (probably highly illegal) of a live show. It is probably the best I've ever heard Radiohead. The stuff from Kid A is simply awesome, especially Ideoteque and The National Anthem. Wow. They do rock, in a mildly Oxfordshire kinda way.


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