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Another series?

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I watched Ultrviolet and found it both entertaining and refreshing. It was good to see a show that hadled the material in a mature way, without falling in to an American style gore fest. However i felt the first series had set up the charicters and plot nicely for a second series, so what happend?

Another series?

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Researcher PSG

The TV executives didn't feel it deserved a second series even if the public did, oh well.

As I said in the entry they are trying to sell it to the Americans so it will probably be gutted of any intelligent points and made into a vampire shoot em up. I would make comments about how I feel about this, but I'm not allowed to swear on this site.

Researcher PSG

Another series?

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Talith (who got bored of being Caroo and thought new h2g2, new name)

Last I heard, a second series *was* in the pipeline, it was just that the writers wanted to make sure that the scripts were good enough. They didn't want to be rushed and churn out something that was of substandard quality.

We can but hope it'll be back smiley - smiley


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