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Lettuce - the New Mogadon?

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Dave D'Agostino

I remember reading somewhere years ago that lettuce is supposed to have soporific qualities.

The argument is that it is a distant cousin of the opium family.

Somehow, I've never got around to proving it. Has anyone else noticed that, when suffering from a bout of insomnia, the last things that spring to mind are all the good ideas and suggestions about how to get to sleep?

Anyway, I'm off up the wooden hill... night all

D smiley - zzz

Lettuce - the New Mogadon?

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Lettuce contains laudanum, and the Romans used it to get off to sleep. They'd need something, what with guilt at their cultural imperialism and the hatchet jobs their historians did of the reputations of rival cultures. On an entirely unrelated strand, what do our friends in the USA use I wonder?

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Lettuce - the New Mogadon?

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