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As the entry says ... a little alcohol helps you relax, but dehydrates, so drink some water ...

But of course, then you wake up in the middle of the night desperate for the loo ......

alcohol -Catch 22

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Also, you shouldn't make it a habit to get wasted and then fall asleep, as when you've consumed a reasonable amount of alcohol, you do not dream, and this messes with your brain and can lead to psychosis if practiced frequently.


alcohol -Catch 22

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Flying Betty- Now with added nickname tag!

That's odd- about the only time I ever dream is if I've consumed a reasonable amount of alcohol. Other than that I rarely ever (maybe twice a year) dream.

alcohol -Catch 22

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geordie jo

maybe you only remember you dreams when you been drinking because you were drinking?

alcohol -Catch 22

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For 3 months I have been tortured by a stiff,uncumfortable neck that wont let me sleep.I f I drink a couple beers I can fall asleep but I wake up after 5 or 6 hours and i find myself moving my head back and forth searching a comfortable position but there isnt one.same with naps .Impossible to sleep.I am so tired and worn out.

alcohol -Catch 22

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I find sometimes that I get a better nights sleep after a few drinks and burning the candles at both ends than doing overwise, but its not as good as getting a really good night's (sober) sleep.

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