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I purchased one of these machines about a year ago, and find it excellent. I have two cats who live indoors, and find this litterbox really keeps the smell down!! BUT I am having a problem obtaining the disposable containers in the UK, and suppliers in the US aren't interested in supplying them. Does anyone know where I can obtain the containers. Petspyjamas have not had them in stock for over 6 months, despite repeated requests.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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www.petplantet.co.uk have just started selling the whole machine and
have stocked the poop boxes for a couple of months -
disturbingly labelled 'dishwasher safe' on some US websites.
Taking recycling and reusing a step too far I think!


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Sorry to butt in on your conversation, but if
Researcher 200067
would go back to there own page and then click on the "EDIT PAGE" button and then write a little something about your self then a ACE can come and welcome you there properly
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Hi. I regularly sell the LitterMaid waste receptacles on www.ebay.co.uk. I can supply you with six plus 52 blue scented disposable waste bags ( 1 whole years supply) that fit in and around the waste receptacles thus saving you £££'s and extending the life of the receptacles. I use them all the time and they work brilliantly. I also include for £9.99 3 stick on air fresheners for the fixed raising lid.

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