A Conversation for Embarrassing Questions About Sexual Orientation

Bit of a misconception on the what homosexuals do in bed

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Teru (giggles at pi)

"In general, same-sex couples do the same things as straight couples. The one exception is vaginal penetration, which is physically impossible for gay couples." However, lesbians can have vaginal penetration either from the partner's body (hands are a wonderful thing), or from a prosthetic.

But the line "The only incentive most bisexual people have for choosing their label is personal integrity," is just brilliant. Thank you.

Bit of a misconception on the what homosexuals do in bed

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Medically speaking, the term "vaginal penetration" is usually reserved for penetration by a blood-and-flesh penis. Using hands would generally be headed under the term "mutual masturbation." I suppose from a layman's point of view, though, it is a confusing phrase.

As for the use of toys... I can't think of a medical term at all. Perhaps science has yet to catch up with human behavior. smiley - winkeye

Anyway, thanks for clarifying here. smiley - smiley And you're very welcome.

Bit of a misconception on the what homosexuals do in bed

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Teru (giggles at pi)

Mutual masterbation would be an oxymoron as general meaning is stimulation. You cannot self stimulate another person unles you have MPD smiley - winkeye

And unles the doctor has studied human sexuality (rare, very rare, as in I brought books to my doctor to make sure she knew what I was talking about), I would trust a medical definition as far as I could telekinetically through a PDR.

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