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Don't know if anyone will see this, but my husband and I are planning a month trip this July to England. I've done a bit of research (and my husband has lived in Hull for a year), but what are some non-tourist book places for two Americans to see--places the locals like?

Appreciate any input! smiley - smiley

travelling to London

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Hello, traveller to England. What did you learn on your trip? My husband and i will spend about three days in London on our way to Paris and I haven't done any planning for London. Do you know of any good reasonable hotels or B&Bs in London? what is a good safe but reasonable area to stay in for a three-day visit? When you say "book places" do you mean bookshops? Also an interest of ours, along with seeing the Freud Museum. If you have any good advice for a brief stay in London we'd appreciate it hugely. Thank you!

travelling to London

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Drat - this is such a late reply.

Covent Garden in London is a very nice place to visit and can be expensive or cheap depending on your ability to resist temptation. There is plenty of street entertainment which expects a few coppers for making you laugh or gasp with amazement and is close to some of the other exciting bits of the West End. There is also a selection of unusual craft shops and you can carry out your own craft work at some of them - dipping your own candle at one I seem to remember.

Not so far away is China Town in Soho. Listen carefully as you walk down Gerrard Street and you may hear the click of tiles in illegal mahjong gambling games above the shops and restaurants. There are buffet restaurants which are cheap and much better quality ones which aren't.

Theatres often discount tickets just before the shows in the West End - if they are not the big sell out shows. If you want to see something but aren't too worried about what you can do that.

If you ever try it again I hope you enjoy it.

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