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Mosquito hunting is a fine art that takes a good long while to hone.
On hearing one, shut all doors and windows and flood the room with light. If the windows arn't shut the entire local flying wildlife will come in attracted by the light, and the smell of fear/exitement on your skin.
Stand perfectly still. They are cunning little b*****s and some can indeed throw their voices, or they team up, taking it in turns to buzz from different parts of the room. Try to keep a lot of light wall or ceiling (ie lie down) in view. Wait until they fly over it.
Once you have it in view (and this is the real art) you may only have one chance to catch it in flight. This only works with one hand, as clapping creates a draught that blows them aside. From behind, with flat hand, balling your hand into a fist when in range. With any luck you will find the corpse squashed on your palm or fingers.
Once they land, forget it. They tend to find a dark surface if they can, and without sound its almost impossible to track them down.
Whilst I do generally believe in Karma and all that, I grew up around Epping forest, where apparently Britains largest mossies live, and had to do a nightly clean-up operation before going to bed.

Cos if you dont get them, they will get you..smiley - vampiresmiley - monster

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See it as Sport..

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