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I was born and raised in Panama where the mosquitos are the size of vultures. (Forgive me. That is an exaggeration. Vultures are quite small compared to the mosquitos in Panama.)

I believe that working in groups, they have been known to carry small children away.

I recall one evening, while working on a piece of furniture, I felt an itching on one of my arms. I moved to an area where the light was better and observed that both of my arms were almost blanketed with mosquitos feasting on my particularly rare blood type. (I am AB Negative) I reflected upon the wisdom and action of Colonel George Goethals, who is credited with applying recent knowledge about the mosquito's role in malaria and yellow fever to eradicating the disease by eradicating the mosquito.

The mosquito returned, but malaria and yellow fever were long gone at the time of my serendipity. Had the occasion occured a mere fifty years earlier, I would have been dead within two days.

I was fortunate in that mosquitos did not cause any allergic reactions. My wife, on the other hand, would develop enormous welts in response to mosquito bites.

In conclusion, to avoid mosquitos, move from the tropics to the poles. Mosquitos are unheard of in the arctic and antarctic.

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