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Other methods of prevention

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Some other methods of prevention around the home -

- Clean up rubbish in your yard that allows water to collect in it - mosquitoe larvae grow in shallow pools of still water. Keep your gutters clear too.

- Use mosquito coils outdoors and netting around your bed and flywire on the windows

- Citronella candles smell good, but I don't think they are very effective - burning cow poo is rumoured to work, but I doubt that too.

- "runnelling" is a technique being used up in North Queensland - it involves digging shallow trenches to allow still marsh water areas to join with tidal water areas to "flush" the larvae or allow fish access - it's relatively new, I think, but quite effective and non-environmentally damaging or harmful (especially compared to chemical sprays...

- Kill every mosquito you see. If someone has come back as a mossie, they deserve another chance as something else - so help them on their way...

- Some people put kerosine on top of water sources they need to keep - the kero layer prevents larvae from breathing, or something like that. I haven't done it, but it may work...

- Mosquitoes tend to feed (only females have a "blood meal")in the late afternoon, at sunset, so particularly then and at night use repellant and wear long sleeved clothing when outdoors.

My skin is crawling, I can't think about those bloodthirsty little suckers any more...I haven't had malaria, thankfully, but I have had denghi fever and ross river fever (ah the joy of living in the tropics). I do not recommend the "capture and release" approach (although not all mosquitoes carry malaria/denghi fever - the "anopheles" mosquito - the big sucker with grey stripy legs - is the main offender - but other types carry things like dog hearworm) The larvae that causes malaria is becoming resistant to drugs - so in the words of Metallica - Kill 'em all...

Other methods of prevention

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Oh yeah and i tend to encourage spiders and geckos smiley - smiley

Other methods of prevention

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Sea Change

If you keep tropical fish as pets, as I do, mosquito larvae make a good live food. I remove all sources of water but one, and then when I see larvae, I pour the entire bucket through a sieve and give my hatchetfish and cordoras spp. a treat.

The hatchetfish get 'em while they are trying to breathe on the surface. The barbels on the corys help them root them out from the gravel and sand.

If you don't have tropical fish, but must keep the water, I have heard mosquito fish and guppies are good preventative.

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