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Prolapse & Hysterectomy

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I am aboutto make a desision about what type of hysterectomy to have. Apparently I need to have one mostly because of prolapse.
After looking at the human body on my web site I still don't know (understand) the whitch of these I should go for. My bigest worrie is what happens to my bladder? My bladder pluss moer is almost gone totally south, Now I really know what they mean. How will my bladder go back into place once iv had the opp. Or will it? I don't wamt ot be on medication for years if i deside on full hysterectomy, or they deside thats what i need.I don't think i'd mine this as much if it were ok to take HRT after it but because my sister has had breast cancer removed they won't give me it. What other alternative do I have?smiley - ermsmiley - run

Prolapse & Hysterectomy

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hello nwad45smiley - hug

I'm the author of this Entry but I am not a medical expert, all I can tell you is my experience smiley - tea

You won't need HRT if you only have a hysterectomy. My sister had a prolapse and hysterectomy at the age of 31, but she kept her ovaries, so she never needed HRT. I had my hysterectomy (and ovary removal) when I was 41, and I went straight on HRT (the mini-pill) and I have enjoyed the benefits of it (am still on it age 53).

I have had a bladder repair as well, (my sister has had two), I am not sure if this can be done at the same time, I suggest you have a chat with your GP or ask to see one of the nurses at the Practise.

smiley - goodluck with everything, and good health afterwards,

Galaxy Babe
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