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Is Dave there?

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Surely an entry like this should include a long list of the catchphrases from the show???

Went to see Radiohead in Oxford this weekend and the support included Supergrass who introduced their set as "This is a local gig for local people" (both Supergrass and Radiohead are from Oxford).

The League Of Gentlemen is a genuine progression from the Monty Python stuff, assuming that the audience will "get it" and love very minute. This entry doesn't give examples of the characters:

The failed vet who manages to put-down the wrong dog, electrocute a pond full of prized fish etc etc.

Papa Lazarou, the sinister circus owner, who visits innocent people asking, "is Dave there?" (which has replaced "Hello World" as a test statement for UK programmers) and whose wives use the loo in their victims houses. "Your toilet's blocked" says Papa. "No it isn't" says the victim. "It is now" says Papa.

Etc etc.

Well there's loads more which are far more subtle. You can't review genius like that without looking silly. So it's not your fault. Or mine.

Is Dave there?

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Good Angel - recently become obsessed to the point of psychosis with the film 'Bio-Dome'

You are my wife now *evil throaty laugh*...

Sorry, thought I was on the King Adora message board for a second there... smiley - winkeye

smiley - angel

Is Dave there?

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Biscuit Buscemi

I have started an entry ("The Many Faces of The League of Gentlemen") which lists the characters - but it's getting awfully, awfully silly, and I may be forced to leave it behind and move onto something completely different.

Supergrass' reference to tLoG is impressive indeed - the League's fame is becoming renowned. The other week, they got a mention on "The Archers", and I'm trying to decided whether or not this is a good thing.

Is Dave there?

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Andy Adorno, scourge of... well, everything, really

So here, finally, is my answer to why this Brit girl I just met keeps yelling "Are you local?" at me every time she sees me... I was starting to think she was a bit slow, but then again, we don't get the 'League' here in deepest, darkest Canada. Damn shame, that.

Is Dave there?

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*note to self - DO THAT IN AMERICA*

smiley - laugh

Is Dave there?

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Biscuit Buscemi

Ah, you are of course undeniably correct. You can't grasp what the show's like by reading about it - as with Dr Pepper, you have to try it to love it. And alas, I only add to the entry when I'm stuck with nothing to do but an urge to create something useful. But I now see that the article is entirely useless. What was I thinking? I just hope the Gents will forgive me. But I'll put some quotes in next time I add to it. Just to eke out my quest to summarise the characters a little further...

Stay local.

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