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moonlight sonata

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wonko the sane

The moonlight sonata is one of the most haunting peices of music ive
ever heard.i remember reading somewhere that the nickname came from a nighttime boatride upon lake Lucerne in switzerland.also ,this might sound profoundly irreverent,but the beatles' "because the world is round"(Abbey Road) is actually the sonata played backwards....

moonlight sonata

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Researcher 180389

I agree that the Moonlight is a fine piece of music; however, the article identifies the second movement as the memorable one, when in fact it is the first movement. Just a quibble!

moonlight sonata

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Gnomon - time to move on

Tut tut! How could I? I've never listened to the whole of the Moonlight sonata. I assumed it was in standard sonata form, so the slow movement would be in second position. I don't think it's worth changing the article though. Ashley, if you think otherwise, do your stuff!

moonlight sonata

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Gnomon - time to move on

Ashley, if you're reading this, change "middle movement" in the entry to "opening movement". Thanks!

moonlight sonata

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Done smiley - smiley

moonlight sonata

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Researcher 233876

Anyway its the third movement that is the best. But the first is what made it famous.
And also Beethoven actually called it the Arbour Sonata, it was some other chap who named it Moonlight after a boatride on Lake Lucerne.

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